Language Proficiency Assessment Committee

  • The district shall by local board policy establish and operate a Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) on each campus. LPAC committees shall include an appropriately certified bilingual educator (for students served through a bilingual education program), an appropriately certified English as a second language (ESL) educator (for students served through an ESL program), a parent of an English learner participating in a bilingual or ESL program (who is not an employee of the district), and a campus administrator in accordance with Texas Education Code (TEC), §29.063. The parent of each bilingual and ESL student in PISD shall be extended an invitation to attend all meetings regarding bilingual or English as a second language program placement, review, and exit for their child. 

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Duties of the LPAC

  • Upon their initial enrollment and at the end of each school year, the LPAC shall review all pertinent information on all English learners identified in accordance with §89.1226 and shall:

     (1) designate the language proficiency level of each English learner in accordance with the guidelines issued pursuant to TAC §89.1226(b)-(f);

    (2) designate the level of academic achievement of each English learner;

    (3) designate, subject to parental approval, the initial instructional placement of each English learner in the required program;

    (4) facilitate the participation of English learners in other special programs for which they are eligible while ensuring full access to the language program services required under the TEC, §29.053; and

    (5) reclassify students, at the end of the school year only, as English proficient in accordance with the criteria described in TAC §89.1226.

    Before the administration of the state criterion-referenced test each year, the LPAC shall determine the appropriate assessment option for each English learner as outlined in Chapter 101, Subchapter AA, (relating to Commissioner's Rules Concerning the Participation of English Language Learners in State Assessments).