• Welcome to English II! 

    If I say it once, I'll say it 100 times this year. I love teaching sophomore English. We dig into awesome pieces of text and have spirited conversations about real world issues. Sophomores are such DEEP thinkers! Plan to read, write, think, and speak every single day. My goal is to help you strengthen your analytical abilities in these areas and to increase your confidence when dealing with difficult texts.

    We’ll be reading selections from all genres, as well as writing to persuade, to express, and to build disciplinary literacy. Each six weeks will focus on helping you connect what we do in class with the world beyond our classroom as we explore themes that matter.

    This year I'll be adding a section of ELL Reading 1 to my schedule, as well as serving as Department Head for our amazing English department. 

    Looking forward to working with you this year!