• Below are the links to purchase the required supplies for your first year of percussion study in Princeton schools. We have arranged two retailers to carry our 'beginner pack' so that you can have options. You may purchase from either retailer; or find the same/equivalant items from any vendor of your choosing if you wish.

    Be sure to visit the appropriate link AND use the appropriate code for what middle school you will be attending.



    Clark Beginning Percussion Supplies from Steve Weiss Music




    Southard Beginning Percussion Supplies from Steve Weiss Music

    Southard students will also need to rent or purchase a 'bell kit,' like the one pictured here. This item is NOT included in any of the supply packs above because of supply inconsistencies from all manufacturers and retailers. You may find and purchase this from any retailer that you can find one in stock.'Beginner Bell Kit'

2022 Clark and Southard Beginner Percussion
2021 Clark & Southard Beginning Percussion
2021 Winter Concert Southard Beginning Percussion