• The itinerary for the Washington DC trip this May 22-27, 2019 is below.  As of Oct. 25, the itinerary is not "set in stone" just yet because we are waiting on permission from the National Parks Department for the Band and Choir performance approvals.
    The cost of the trip is $725 per person whether it is a student or chaperone.  Cash or check is acceptable.   We are not able to take credit card payments.  Checks should be made out to Princeton Band and delivered to Pam Rodriguez, PISD Fine Arts Secretary.  Even though the trip deposit deadline was a few weeks ago we can still add you to the trip.  Below are the dates if you would like to make installment payments:
    November 16 - $125
    December 20 - $100
    January 30 - $150
    February 28 - $150
    April 1 - $150
    If you would like to pay the trip in full in one payment, that is acceptable.  Payments may be made on the schedule above or more frequently if you would like to pay smaller amounts as long as the full balance is paid by April 1.
    If you have any question please don't hesitate to email Mr. Brewer (bbrewer@princetoisd.net).