• 2022 - 2023 School Year

    Princeton High School Teacher for Art I, Art II, Art III, Art IV.


    Hello and welcome back!  For those unfamiliar with the art classes, we run through a wide variety of mediums while exploring art  history along the way!  Classes are generally formatted with our large lessons being on our Mondays followed by project days to be concluded by Fridays.  For students needing a fine arts requirement, Art I will cover that for your graduation plan.  


    1 White Posterboard (2 for Art 3/4)
    1 Sketchbook/Art book for notes and ideas
    1 18 Inch Ruler
    1 Marker Set
    1 Colored Pencil Set


    Art I: 

    Basic intro to art in a variety of mediums for drawing to ceramics.  Meets PHS Fine Arts requirement.

    Art II: 

    Building on skills learned in Art I, mirror projects with higher requirements and expectations for students, supplemented by independent projects.

    Art III and IV: 

    Fewer projects with more independent work, focusing on refining areas and mediums of interest and more indepth coverage of artists and techniques.

    My Schedule:

    1st Period - Art I  (C112)

    2nd Period - Art II (C112)

    3rd Period - Art III-IV (C112)

    Pride Time - Art Club (C112)

    4th Period - Conference (C112)

    5th Period (C lunch)- Art II (C112)

    6th Period - Art II (C112)

    7th Period - Art I (C112)