• Endorsement Graduation

    Planning a four–year high school program is a serious undertaking. Although many of your courses will be determined by the endorsement plan you select, you will still have many other choices to make during your years of school. The courses you select should be guided largely by your plans for the future. Will you continue your education in college or in a trade/vocational school? Do you want to learn a career skill in order to enter the full–time work force immediately after school? Are you interested in a technical field? Are you thinking of entering a profession that requires many years of specialized education? The answers to these questions are extremely important in making a decision about your course selections for all four years in high school. Your answers should be guided by your interests and abilities.
    Each student will be given the opportunity to specify in writing an endorsement they intend to earn upon entering Grade 9. Princeton High School will permit a student to enroll in courses under more than one endorsement before the student’s junior year and to choose, at any time, to earn an endorsement other than the endorsement the student previously indicated. A student must earn at least 26 credits to earn an endorsement. We encourage each entering 9th grader to evaluate their options and complete the form that best suits their career goals.  Princeton High School offers the following endorsements:

  • Arts & Humanities:

    Fine Arts

    Languages Other Than English  (LOTE)

    Social Studies 


  • Business & Industry:

     Ag, Food, & Natural Resources

    Audio / Visual Production

    Auto Technician


    Culinary Arts

    Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC)



  • Multidisciplinary 




  • Public Service:

    Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)


    Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math:

     Computer Programming

    Computer Tech