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    Our Schedule:

    8:30 -10:15 Language Arts

    10:20 -11:05 Specials

    11:15 -11:45 Lunch

    11:50 -12:05 Recess

    12:10 -1:10 Math

    1:10-1:25 - Snack 

    1:25 - 2:00 Science/Social Studies

    2:00 - 2:45 Pride Time/ Small Reading Groups and Stations

    2:45 - 2:55 Recess

    3:00 - 3:15 Pack up/ Clean up

    3:15-3:35 Storytime

    3:35 Head to hallway spots for dismissal

    3:45 Dismissal

    FISH Folder (Family Involvement Starts Here)

    Your child's FISH Folder is a very important part of their day. Their folder will contain homework assignments for the week, completed daily assignments, and their behavior chart. Please be sure to check your child's folder daily for new information.

    Spelling Tests

    New spelling and sight words will go home on Monday, and we will have a spelling test every Friday. Your child will only need to be able to recognize their sight words on the test. They will not be required to spell them as well.

    Getting Home

    If your child is going to ride home a different way than usual, I need an email or message in my ClassTag app or call made to the office before 2:00. Otherwise, I have to send them home the way they usually go.

    Classroom Behavior

    This year we will be using tickets to praise and reinforce great classroom choices and acts of kindness. Your child will earn tickets in the classroom depending on choices made throughout the day. On designated Fridays, students will be able to go shopping in my school store to spend their tickets, or may choose to save them up for bigger prizes! Students may also have to give tickets back to me for making sad choices. Parent or guardian contact will be made daily though my ClassTag app or through a phone call if we need to discuss a student's sad choices.