7 ideas that will inspire you while planning for the upcoming school year and ways to teach English Language Learners.

    This pinterest site gives you multiple ways to scaffold your lessons to make them appropriate for your ELL students as well!

    Site FULL of Resources for ESL Teachers!

    This website is packed with resources, quizzes, forums, information, and more!  

    Check out this Pinterest board all about literacy! It is packed full of ideas, activities, and games that encourage literacy in the classroom. 
    Refresh ELL Strategies and Resources to Help Your English Learners! 
    New to teaching English Language Learners? Need to refresh your brain on up-to-date strategies for your language learners? Visit this site with FAQs, books, resources, information, and more! 
    Here is a collection of 15 categories of 40+ subtopics (in ach category) that students can use to build vocabulary understanding. This site can be customized to "use" six different languages including English and Spanish to "learn" English, Spanish, Chinese/Mandarin, Japanese, and German.  Many audio opportunities for practice and matching.