•  Hi, my name is Katie Donaldson. I grew up in the West Texas area and have taught there for the past 5 years. This will be my first year at Clark Middle School. I am beyond excited to be a part of the Panther family and to meet and get to know you and your kids. Along with teaching 8th grade math, I will be coaching volleyball, basketball, and track. God Bless!!
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    Fun facts about your teacher:
    • I was born in Oklahoma
    • I played college basketball
    • I graduated high school with 11 people
    • I have a sister 6 years older than me
    • I have brother 3 years older than me
    • I am expecting my first child in January
    • I LOVE teaching & coaching!!

    Hobbies: photography, exercising,traveling, coaching, cooking
    Favorite color: turquoise
    Favorite animal: dog
    Favorite food: chicken enchiladas
    Favorite drink: water and Sprite
    Favorite store: TJ Maxx
    Favorite dessert: butterfingers icecream
    Favorite NBA team: Spurs
    Favorite restaurant: El Fenix