This is the link to take you to the Integer Webquest that we will explore in class.
    This is a great site to help with basic operation skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). These skills are crucial at this point in their education and need to be practiced daily if they are struggling in math. I have set up an account for each student and they have a 4-digit password that they will need in order to access their account. Please email me if you need a copy of their password with instructions for the website.
    Use this for videos on how to do concepts learned in class (you can search them in the toolbar) or work on practice problems to gain more experience with concepts. It is a great way to practice all content that we learn this year in the 6th grade and is individualized for each student based on how they are doing for each topic. The kids enjoy earning points in order to be able to pick their avatar. For this program, they will need their ID number (a 6-digit code that they should have memorized).
    Login: School E-mail Address (s. First initial of first name + first initial of last name + school ID number @ princetonisd.net)
    Ex. s.MP123456@princetonisd.net
    Password: MP123456
    Ex. B