• This is where you will find information about our after school theatre program.  If you are looking for student work or teachers, please visit the staff pages.

    High School-Mr. Stephens

    Lovelady and High School- Ms. Buck

    Southard and Clark Middle Schools-Mrs Wilborn


    She Kills Monsters Production List 

    Agnes-Sarah B/Leah B

    Tilly-Bailee S

    Check-Ethan K

    Miles-David W

    Kelly-Dumebi E

    Lilly-Kiri B

    Vera/Evil Gabby-Karli S

    Narrator/Orcus/Ronnie-Ben C

    Evil Tina-Maggie A

    Farrah-Hannah C

    Steve-Allison A

    Alternates-Cloud C, Egypt D and Kate R


    Stage Manager-Jhett H

    Lights-Kayla R

    Sound-Frannie T

    Back Stage LIghts-Brady F

    Puppets-Dean B

    Crew-Jemena G and Joey L

    Rehearsal Calendar