Princeton ISD offers Credit by Exam and Exam for Acceleration tests for grades 1-12.  Please contact the campus counselor to receive instructions for registration and testing dates.

    Credit by Exam (CBE)

    At the option of the local school district, students in grades 6-12 who have not received credit but have received previous instruction in a subject area may earn credit for the subject by passing an exam (with a score of 70) that assesses the student’s knowledge and skills in that subject area.

    Exam for Acceleration


    A student in grades 1-5, who has NOT received instruction at the grade level tested, must be accelerated (promoted) one grade if the student meets the following requirements:

    1. The student achieves a minimum score of 80 percent on the grade-level exam in each of the following subject areas: language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.
    2. A school district representative recommends that the student be accelerated to the higher grade level.
    3. The student’s parent or guardian gives written approval for the acceleration.

    Students in grades 6-12 seeking placement credit in a subject area in which they have NOT received prior instruction may earn credit by passing these exams with a grade of 80.