• All About Me......


    My name is Stephanie Crawford.  I graduated college from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in May 1999 and began teaching at Princeton Elementary in August 1999.  When Princeton Elementary changed names to Lacy Elementary I continued to teach there for nine years.  I moved to Harper Elementary eleven years ago to become lead teacher of kindergarten.  This is my 20th year of teaching kindergarten.  
    I am married to an amazing man named Paul who is also a teacher.  We have been married 16 years this October.  We love to travel the world and explore new places together.  We also love to ski/snowboard.     
    earth green earth
    I do my best to "be green."  I enjoy being outside. I love to bird watch in my backyard and listen for new bird songs.  I respect and love all animals on this planet.  I am also a vegetarian! 
    I am a runner.  I started with one-mile runs then 5Ks and 10Ks.  I stepped it up, trained and ran my first half-marathon in March 2011.  Since then I have run six half-marathons (13.1 miles), one 30K (18.6 miles) and in April 2013 accomplished my life-long goal of running a full marathon (26.2 miles).  I have now run three full marathons!  My next half-marathon will be this November.    
    **Here are a few of my favorites**
    Color: Purple
    Land Animal: Cow
    Sea Animal: Narwhal
    Day of the Week: Sunday
    Season: Winter
    Food: Mexican
    Snack: Nuts, Fruit
    Beverage: Juice, Water
    Restaurant: Grimaldi's
    Store: Target