2023 Bond Proposal

  • Princeton community members are encouraged to explore this informational webpage to learn more about what's included in the proposed bond package; how the bond proposal was developed and how PISD's conservative fiscal approach currently allows the district to fund capital projects without an increase to the district's tax rate.

    The bond proposal provides eight additional campuses to address the continued growth that is projected over the next 10 years.

    • 1 early childhood center
    • 4 elementary campuses
    • 2 middle school campuses
    • 1 senior high school

    The bond proposal will be presented to voters in one single ballot proposition. Sample ballot:


    The issuance of $797,000,000 of bonds by the Princeton Independent School District for the construction, renovation, acquisition and equipment of school facilities in the district, including the acquisition of land therefor, and levying the tax in payment thereof. This is a property tax increase. 

    Proposed schedule of construction

    Early childhood No. 2 2025
    Elementary No. 9 2026
    Middle school No. 4 2026
    Elementary No. 10 2027
    Senior high school No. 2 2029
    Elementary No. 11 2030
    Elementary No. 12 2031
    Middle school No. 5 2032

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Frequently Asked Questions

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