Southard Middle School Cheer

  • Rocket Stunt


    Cheerleaders are first and foremost ambassadors of their school. Cheerleaders must represent PHS to the highest degree in all outings.

    SMS cheer program works to: 

     Promote physical and mental development.

    Encourage school spirit.

    Develop life-long values and skills.

    Support good relations with the community.

    Work in harmony with all teams, coaches, faculty, administration, and other athletic teams and sports organizations.

    Building future Leaders of tomorrow 


    Rally Formation                 

    ONE Squad...One Goal...One Vision 

    We are greater together 

    Tryouts will happen in March. Be on the lookout starting in December for tryout information. 


    Brittany Neal

    Jessica Thompson 

    5 star rating

    At Camp, Southard cheer earned a 5-star rating for game day evaluation. This is the highest rating you can earn!