• Coach Hugh Mantooth
    Lacy Elem. Physical Education Teacher
    Pre-K    thru     5th Grades
    469-452-5400  Ext. 3241
    Basketball                                                                                                              Yoga
    2011-2012 School Year
    Pre-K - 2nd Grade: A.  Line up
                                    B.  Exercises:  Brain Gym, Dynamic stretching
                                    C.  Cardio:  Running Activity
                                    D.  Restroom/water break
                                    E.  Activity
                                    F.  Cool Down-walking
    3rd Grade - 5th Grade:
                                    A.  Line up
                                    B.  Warm-up:  Dynamic stretching, strength, coordination, reaction, quickness drills.
                                    C.  Cardio:  Running activity-sprinting, distance
                                    D.  Restroom/water break
                                    E.  Activity-relays, station work-skill development, basketball, volleyball, soccer, kickball..
                                    F.  Cool Down
    *  Wear appropriate clothing/shoes for P.E. class
    *  Students will have access to restrooms, water, and the nurse at anytime.
    *  Students in P.E. are allowed to takes "breaks" at their discretion.
    *  Professional nursing staff are on campus to address the medical needs of students.
    *  Texas State mandated "Fitness-Gram" test will be given to all 3rd - 5th grade students.
    *  If your child needs to be excused from P.E. because of an injury or illness, a "doctor's" note must be provided.  Upon returning to P.E. a "release" from the doctor must be provided.
    Soccer                                                                                                           Girl Running