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State 3-peat for track senior

                  Each year the students in the journalism program at PHS finish the course by writing press releases. The class partners with the Princeton Herald to publish the stories. These are also featured on the district website under Latest Headlines. This article is written by Adonis Williams.

                 Lauryn Dixon practices for state in the indoor. Senior Lauryn Dixon is following in her mom’s footsteps all the way to the state track meet. Lauryn is making her third consecutive appearance after breaking the school record and winning first place in discus and second place in shot put at regionals.

                “My goal when I was younger was always to be like her growing up, and when I grew up,” Lauryn said. “She was my role model and still is.”

                Noticed by a former Clark Junior High track coach, Lauryn had the opportunity to try out for shot put and discus when she was in the seventh grade. She soon realized just how much she and her mother were alike.

                “My mom did track when she was in high school, and was also a volleyball player like me for some time,” Lauryn said. “She did shot put and discus, and threw a 41 and 125.”

Dixon has qualified for state in track and field every year since her sophomore year, and she explains the feeling gets more thrilling each time.

                “Every year has been so nice,” she said. “I am super excited to compete again this year, and I’m so proud of myself because this isn’t something easily accomplished.”

Lauryn explains why making it to state the first time was one of her biggest achievements so far.

                “I was just so happy when they announced I made it, from pure excitement and because I was just a sophomore,” she said. “I was so young and so many people don’t ever get to experience something like that their sophomore year. When you compete, you’re competing against juniors and seniors who are more experienced so I was just so happy.”

                Participating in athletics, Lauryn says her mother has been her biggest supporter through it all by signing her up for club teams and summer track programs since the 8th grade.

                “She has gotten me my own personal coach to train with, and those have made me become such a better athlete,” Lauryn said. “And she has helped me become a better one also by putting in all the extra work at home on our own time.”

                Her other big supporters are helping her at school, and she says they have truly been there for her.

                “I thank my coaches definitely, Coach (Susan) Foy and Coach (Maurice) Hill,” Lauryn said. “They have never stopped pushing me even through the hard times. And Corde Jackson. She is my long-term best friend who is basically a sister to me. She has never missed one of my track meets, and she means the world to me.”

                Lauryn threw 148 feet and 5 inches in discus, and 42.2 in shot put for the last regional track meet of her high school career.

                “This year, I honestly knew I was going to make it to state because I worked extremely hard, and that was my goal all along,” Lauryn said. “This year it wasn’t my goal to go state, it was my goal to win state. I wasn’t just working to go, I was simply working to win.”

                Two weeks ago, Lauryn committed to compete in track and field at West Texas A&M University in Canyon to start a new chapter in her life.

                “The campus is really nice, and it felt like home already when I visited,” Lauryn said. “It also has cool and fun activities to participate in and go to around the campus. It’s a 6-hour drive away from home, but I am more than ready to grow up and get out on my own to focus on getting my degree.”
--Story by Adonis Williams