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District celebrates service with awards

Marcella Green was honored for 40 years of service. Princeton Independent School District celebrated the end of the 2016-2017 school year by recognizing teachers and their service to PISD during a special luncheon Friday.

In addition to recognizing long-term employees, Superintendent Philip Anthony first addressed the teachers by congratulating them on a successful year.

"I want to thank everyone for another great year," Anthony said. "We did some fantastic things. Our students continued to excel in all facets of education, whether that be through academics, extracurriculars or our CATE programs."

Anthony also referenced the future of PISD.

"We continue to experience tremendous growth," he said. "We ended this year with 252 more students than we had a year ago. As you know, the $93.6 million bond has passed, and renovations are beginning at Lacy and Godwin immediately. And we are hopeful for a smooth transition to the next school year."

Stovall, Mills and Anthony honored for 25 years. Anthony encouraged the staff to remain positive during this period of expansion.

"We do have growing pains, and construction and renovations are all part of that," he said. "But we hope in the end, it's all worth the pain it takes us to get there."
The district is already transitioning from planning to implementing.

"We are in the process of purchasing five school sites, and we will be breaking ground in early fall for our second junior high and sometime in the spring for elementary No. 5," Anthony said. "We are proud of of all our programs and accomplishments, but without the insight of our board, the community's support and the hard work and dedication of our staff, this doesn't happen."

20 year pin recipients. Following his address, Mr. Anthony and his administrators presented service pins to employees completing 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 40 years with the district.

Lacy teacher Marcella Green was honored for 40 years of service. Jan Mills, Harper, Penny Stovall and Kim Anthony, Smith, were honored for 25 years of service. Leah Meuir, Godwin, and Greg Tabor, Huddleston/CATE, were honored for 20 years.

Elementary Pride Corps. Receiving 15-year service pins were: Lisa Doerr, Godwin; Thomas Osburn, Cynthia Heller and Sonia Spurgers, Lacy; Miriam Mercer and Nancy Blanks, Huddleston; Jan Staley, Kim Campbell and Sharon Rose, Clark; Jeff Coburn, Bob McClure and Charles Long, PHS; Jim Staley, auxiliary services; and Holly Osborne and Estelle Paquin, administration.

Receiving 10-year service pins were: Dana Kearns and Jaime Massey, Harper; Deanna Day, Shannon Hughes and Kristin Perkins, Smith; Clifford Brogdon, special programs; Laura Todd, Lacy; Tiffany Petersen, Clark; Kevin Trussell, PHS; Lazaro Flores, Luz Loya, Ramon Loya and Danny Frazier, auxiliary services; and Holly Osborne and Estelle Paquin, administration. 

Retiring from Princeton ISD this year are: Randy Shaw, PHS (13 years); Carrie Croan, Clark (11 years); Cynthia Darland, PHS (1 year); Jill Bennett, technology (19 years); and Robert Erger, administration (18 years). 

This year's Pride Corps inductees were also recognized, including secondary teachers Crystal Telles (PHS), Miyuki Lawrence (Clark) and Brittany Charles (Huddleston) and elementary teachers Sarah Lafon (Lacy), Natalie Ott (Godwin), Vickey Dillard (Smith) and Meredith Gilchrist (Harper).

Secondary Pride Corps. From this group of honorees, Brittany Charles was chosen as the secondary Teacher of the Year and Vickey Dillard was selected as elementary Teacher of the Year.