Princeton ISD has experienced a high rate of growth over the past few years. The additional 325 students this year, brings our enrollment to almost 4,200. Demographic projections call for 1,900 – 2,600 new students over the next 10 years. Whether those additional students will be housed in regular classrooms or portable buildings is a decision that will be made by the voters May 6.

    To address this expected growth, the PISD Long Range Planning Committee recommended the Board of Trustees call a $93.6 million bond election. The proposed projects in this bond include: 

    • Expand junior high #2 during original construction
      c       Expand to 900-student capacity
      c       Practice and game fields
    • Construct elementary schools #5 and #6
    • Renovate Lacy and Godwin elementary schools
    • Repair and replace drives and parking
    • Turf baseball and softball fields
    • Purchase school sites for 5 new campuses 

    The recent addition to Princeton High School has provided for future growth, but elementary and Jr. High campuses will soon be over capacity. Smith Elementary, which only opened in 2015, will be over capacity by 2018. Huddleston Intermediate and Clark Jr. High are both very near capacity and will need additional classrooms in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

    “Growth is coming, and we need to be prepared,” LRPC chairman Tim Tidwell said. “Rooftops are being added daily, and students come with those houses. The Long Range Planning Committee looked at all possibilities and prioritized the academic needs of our kids. Gaining voter approval now will position the district for orderly growth.” 

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